June 7 – Friday

Friday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Gospel Reading: JN 21:15-19



On many occasions Jesus spoke to his disciples about the nature of God's unquenchable love. God is love because he is the creator and source of all that is true love. His love is unconditional, unmerited, and unlimited. We can't buy it, earn it, demand it. It is a pure gift, freely given, and freely received. God's love doesn't change or waver. It endures because it is eternal and timeless. It’s the beginning and the end – the purpose for which God created us and why he wants us to be united with him in a bond of unbreakable love. And it’s the essence of what is means to be a son or daughter of God the eternal Father.


Prayer: (all together)

Lord Jesus, may I always love what you love and reject what is contrary to your love and will for my life. Amen.