February 3 –  Sunday

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gospel: LK 4:21-30



Do you believe that God never leaves you?

Do you believe that God has the power over anything?  Do you believe that God has the power to set you free from sin and hurtful desires, fear and oppression?

An early Christian teacher from Edessa, tells us that Naaman's miraculous healing at the River Jordan, prefigures the mystery of the healing which is freely granted to all nations of the earth by our Lord Jesus through the regenerating waters of baptism and renewal in the Holy Spirit.


Sin is the leprosy of the soul, which is not perceived by the senses, but intelligence has the proof of it, and human nature must be delivered from this disease by Christ's power which is hidden in baptism. It was necessary that Naaman, in order to be purified from two diseases, that of the soul and that of the body, might represent in his own person the purification of all the nations through the bath of regeneration, whose beginning was in the river Jordan, the mother and originator of baptism.

The Lord Jesus wants to renew in each one of us the gift of faith and the regenerating power of baptism and the Holy Spirit which cleanses us of the leprosy of sin and makes us "newborn" sons and daughters of God.



Lord Jesus, teach us to love your ways, to always walk in the path of righteousness that we may be quick to renounce any kind of sin. Amen