Indonesia is a very large and diverse country. Home to more than 260 million people with diverse cultural backgrounds, this diversity should not be treated as an adversary, but rather as a very valuable asset. As Indonesians, we must be proud of this asset. It is important to foster a sense of nationalism and cultural awareness at school. “Guten Morgen Saint John” is one of the activities that is meant to play this role. This weekly activity is mandatory for JHS and SHS students to participate in.

On Monday, January 22nd, 2018, JHS students participate in this activity, but it was a unique session as it was the teachers who hosted the event. The teachers, wearing traditional attributes, also presented several performances. One of the PE teachers, Mr. Agung, and one of the German teachers, Frau Yuni, led the whole activity as MCs.

As for every Guten Morgen Saint John’s activity, it was opened by an opening prayer followed by the chanting of our national anthem “Indonesia Raya” and “Saint John’s March”. The chanting of both songs was led by JHS music teacher Ms. Nindy. Afterwards, the students recite Pancasila repeating after Mr. Samuel, a PE teacher.  It was followed by the announcement of student achievements by JHS Principal Ms. Alvina Gunardi. Concluding the first session, JHS Bahasa Indonesia teacher, Mr. Nursamsu, announced the winners of the poem muralization competition that was held a week earlier.

The teachers then proceeded with their performance, in which they performed the Kecak dance, a traditional Balinese dance. They performed the dance enthusiastically, and the students really enjoyed the performance. The dance was followed by another performance, in which the teachers sang the song “Indonesia Jaya”. At first, only Ms. Alvina sang the song. She was then followed by some other teachers, and afterward, all the teachers joined in. The performance was very touching, as the song says that we must respect the magnificent diversity in our country, and stick together for a better Indonesia in the future.

The activity was then closed with a closing prayer. Mr. Agung concluded the activity by pointing out the purpose of the activity, which is to foster nationalism and awareness of the diverse Indonesian culture among the students.

Author: Christopher Dennis Budiaman, Alumni batch IX

Photos: Mr. Yohanes Agung