February 2 – Saturday

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Gospel: LK 2:22-40



Are you a parent?

Do you seek to pass on the faith to your children?

Do you help your children grow in wisdom and maturity?


After Jesus' birth, Mary fulfills the Jewish right of purification after childbirth. Since she could not afford the customary offering of a lamb, she gives instead two pigeons as an offering of the poor. This rite, along with circumcision and the redemption of the first-born point to the fact that children are gifts from God. Jesus was born in an ordinary home where there were no luxuries. Mary and Joseph raised their son in the fear and wisdom of God. Jesus in turn, was obedient to them and grew in wisdom and grace. The Lord's favor is with those who listen to his word with trust and obedience.



Lord Jesus, we pray for all parents that they will raise their children in the fear and wisdom of God. Amen