Pinocchio 7Saint John’s School (SJS) Meruya explored its students’ talents and creativity through theatrical drama performance. Students from Pre-K and KG to Senior High School contributed their parts in the performance. Ms. Karen Tolosa – Landagan, teacher who lead the team in preparing Pinocchio, said: "It is not only high discipline and motivation needed, to produce an excellence performance. We also need to focus and to have a good teamwork."pinocchio 4

To allow a bigger crowd attend the performance, performers from Meruya Campus performed Pinocchio in BSD Campus, Serpong. The entertainment delivered to the faculty members and family from students of Saint John’s Meruya, and also impressed the audience from BSD.

Imagination and creativity performed not only in theatrical performance but also through musical performance, choir, and dance. It was an exploration of young talents from Saint John’s Meruya to ended the year 2016.pinocchio 2

Gerard Thadeus Lee, a student of grade 9 played as Pinocchio. He put into life the story of a wooden doll that transformed into a real boy. As a student, Gerard Thadeus Lee aims to be a doctor, but it did not halt his exploration on his talent in acting for this theatrical drama.

Meanwhile, Ricky William Herrenauw, also a ninth grader, cleverly took his part as Gepetto, the doll maker who became Pinocchio’s father. Ricky William Herrenauw dreams to be an engineer in his future. The beautiful Blue Fairy who transformed Pinocchio into a real boy was played by Lusiana, a student from grade 11 Science. She also aimed to enter Medical School to become a doctor. Another performer was Marcello Rigo Aruan, a fourth grader who acted as Jiminy Cricket. Despite his talent in playing piano, his intention for his future is to become a professional football player.pinocchio 5

Dreams are to be made into reality. Like in the story of Pinocchio, chances should be used wisely. Life is not only about playing without responsibility. One needs to be brave and tough in refusing the temptations in life. As a boy, Pinocchio was lost into temptation. He lied and he skipped school for playing. Yet, his determination to change his attitude and to save his father Gepetto brought him into a real boy.

To prepare this theatrical drama, these students and teachers managed their time and exercised a lot to succeed in their teamwork. It is a part of their character building, talents, and passion. They learned to work hard and to work together as a team. The fruit is a successful Pinocchio performance. Thumbs up for SJS Meruya!pinocchio