The development of technology in this global era affecting the way educators sharing their knowledge to the students. The need to give a good and easy to grab lesson made teachers and the school foundation trying to expand, or even to make, new innovations in their teaching methods. Creativity in delivering the lessons to the students interestingly is really important.

Saint John’s Catholic School in cooperation with Scholastic and StarBooks provided a workshop for teachers, “English and Math Solution for Your Class” on January 22, 2015.  Teachers from 30 schools located on BSD and Gading Serpong were invited to join the workshop.

Mr. Khairi Abdullah, the keynote speaker from Singapore, shared the way to attract students’ interest in Math. The workshop was rich in direct implementation, which eased the teachers to understand the essence of delivering the lesson interestingly.

Each student has their own preference of reading subject. They might also different in their reading speed. The internet helped teachers to provide leveled books for the students. It will help the students to develop their language ability in their own pace.

Teachers were happy to enrich their knowledge in creating an interesting lesson for their students.