Formerly known as a national plus school, Saint John’s Catholic School (SJCS) currently holds the title of SPK (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama) after the enactment of the Regulation of Minister of Education & Culture No. 31/2014. One requirement for a school to hold the title of SPK is to establish a cooperation with international examination bodies. To fulfill this requirement, SJCS has maintained a full cooperation with Edexcel and has been an Edexcel Approved Centre since 2015, which means that SJCS has the right to hold Edexcel IGCSE examinations.

On January 17th, 2018, parents of grade 10 students gathered to know more about Edexcel and IGCSE examinations. The meeting was opened by SHS Principal Ms. Dinah Tanuatmadja, and the subject was mainly delivered by SJCS’ curriculum coordinator Mr. LR Gautam. He emphasized that IGCSE examination is very beneficial for the students because it is an international examination that will prepare students for the global demand. IGCSE qualifications are widely used as a preparation for next steps in education, such as A level, IB diploma, or US Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Moreover, this qualification allows students to be accepted into various schools in various countries, such as polytechnic in Singapore, or Community Colleges in the USA.

Edexcel is one of the internationally recognized school boards alongside IB and Cambridge International Exam. Mr. Gautam also pointed out that it is actually the most popular qualification in the UK itself, even though it may not be the most popular one globally. SJCS’ curriculum itself offers 8 subjects in Grade X for IGCSE exams. 2 subjects (English and Mathematics) are open for all streams. For science stream (IPA), the subjects offered are Physics, Chemistry, and Human Biology, whereas for the social stream (IPS), the subjects offered are Economics, Geography, and ICT.

Mr. Gautam underlined that this exam is not only for those who are willing to study abroad, but it is for everyone because the certification is recognized globally. He also stressed out that children should always be encouraged to join this international examination, and that the exam is a “good investment” for children because it prepares them to become global citizens. He concluded the meeting by saying that parents should always motivate their children.

Reported by Dennis Budiaman, alumni in internship