Junior High School students and teachers in POD "We are One, We are Team, We are Family”

When students enrolled in Saint John’s Catholic School, they aimed for successful future. Most students are dreaming for a great time with friends and teachers. Parents would like to see their daughters and sons developing themselves into a better person, an educated person who knows how to live independently as an adult. Yet, education is a team work. It is a cooperation between School, parents, and the students. The key to successful cooperation is a good communication between them.

Each unit of Saint John’s Catholic School had their own Parents’ Orientation Day (POD). The main purpose of POD is to start the communication between teachers, parents, and students. In this first POD, parents get to know teachers and know more about the regulations and procedures that should be followed by students.

POD for Primary Students’ Parents

Parents of Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten students were informed how to help their son or daughter entering the early stages of being independent. The ability to enter the class room without their parents or their nannies and the progress of their toilet training are depending on the consistent support from their parents and their teachers.

The most important activity in the POD is the chance to know the teachers who will teach the students. At school, teachers will be like the second parents for the students. Good communication between parents and teachers will also help students to explore more into their passions and talents without sacrificing their academic achievements.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Principal welcomes parents

Good luck for the new academic year!