November 2 – Friday

The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed

Gospel: MT 25:31-46


Reflection: Today we pray for all our dead friends and relatives


Who is not afraid of death?

Christians have no reason to fear death, because Christ the Lord has power over death; instead, we should fear sin, which hardens and kills the soul, Pope Francis said in his homily last July – EWTN news.

Physical death is like sleep: there is no reason to despair. What we need to be afraid of: – is the death of the heart.



This parable of the sheep and the goats is not about the future, but about opening our eyes here and now to the needs of our neighbours – the hungry, the homeless, the refugee, the isolated lonely ones. Jesus identifies with each one. If we turn away from our brothers and sisters in need, we are turning away from our brother Jesus.


Prayer: (all together)

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your favor and blessing on my life. Today I choose to be diligent. I choose to live in excellence and do everything to the best of my ability. Help me not to fear death. Help me to get up every time I sin. I give You all the glory and thank You for Your faithfulness in Jesus’ name. Amen.