January 3 – Thursday

Christmas Weekday



JN 1:29-34




John the Baptist had been told to watch out for the Spirit of God. Somehow now he recognised this Spirit in Jesus. Hidden in Jesus is the Spirit of God which is given to all of us. Somehow he knows that this new person, Jesus, will give this spirit to all. We call it the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus.


We talk of team spirit, spirit of generosity in a family, a bad spirit around and some of you probably play the spirit of the glass.

Let us remember that we have a spiritual life; this will go on forever. We are more than what we think, more than a body. We are made for an eternal relationship with God which begins now.


Prayer: (all together)

God our Father, possess us. Let us be possessed by the spirit of Jesus. We surender to you our concerns believing that you are a bigger God and you will take care of us. Amen