On 29th April 2015, Saint John’s Catholic High School was visited by Hai Magazine and Kawanku. It was an extraordinary event where Hai Magazine chit-chatted with the students about teenage life, dreams, and how to organize events. The students were also introduced to Kawanku, another magazine for teenagers.


It was the chapel time when the students gathered around the four guest respondents who were sitting on the couch in the centerfront of the SHS' auditorium. We learned a bit about Hai and Kawanku Magazine. Hai Magazine was created so that teenagers could have some entertainment, considering that radio was the only source teenagers can rely on back then. While Hai Magazine is mostly targetting the boys as its target market, Kawanku Magazine is targetting girls for its readers.


Started from a magazine consisted of comics in 1977, now Hai Magazine has evolved to reach the teenagers nowadays as its modern readers. Printed and online magazine are filled with fashion and inspirational articles close to teenagers’ life.

Mr. Danie Satrio (editor-in-chief of Hai Magazine), Mr. Dosir (editor-in chief of Hai Online), and Ms. Trinzi (editor-in-chief of Kawanku magazine) inspired the students about the steps that can be taken to achieve their dreams. Sharing their own stories on taking the bitter and the sweet in achieving their success stories, they were highlighted the importance of knowing one's passion as a key to success. No result comes from nothing. Hardworks and passion are needed to reach one’s ultimate dream.

The journalistic team also had a chance to talk and share with Hai Magazine. Students are not only expected to read the magazine, but they can also join in writing an article.

In the second session, Hai Magazine shared their experiences in organizing big events and finding sponsors. Saint John’s Student Council shared their experiences in organizing last year’s Saint John’s Youth Nation Cup (SYNC). Students were thrilled to hear Hai’s tips in organizing events. It was truly was a wonderful and inspiring experience for the student participants.

Photo Credits: Ms. Retty