kartini 2016Saint John's Pre-K and Kindergarten students celebrating Kartini's Day on April 21, 2016 by performing a fashion show. The traditional dresses are used as a reminder to our cultural heritage. Kartini's legacy is actually the love to read and write. Her passion to continue her study and to empower people with the ability to read and write is her legacy which should be handed down through generations.

Teachers and parents are hoping that these students will be empowered by the ability to study and to reach out for their dreams. They are the future of the nation. Kartini's book "Out of Darkness to Light" showed her critical thinking, something that we hope to plant in these young children. 

Besides reading and writing, these students are equipped with their ability to quest into a brighter future, the ability to develop their talents to the fullest. Hopefully the sweet memory of this Kartini's Day celebration will also marking their memory to their homeland, wherever they will go in the future.