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During my study in Saint John’s Catholic School, my knowledge and my ability in English was improved so that it helped me during my study in the University. It helped eased my task to study the book, the textbooks, and all the medical journals that I need to read. Most of them were written in English.

I owe it to the experienced teachers and the effective learning method that they offered. Our friendly teachers were really helpful in directing the students to choose the right choices in the higher level of education.


My name is Timothy Pasaribu, I am currently a senior student at the Oklahoma State University. I was proudly graduated from St. John's Catholic School in 2010 and moved to the United States afterwards. 

During my time at SJCS, I had the opportunity to lead the Student Council, which was one of the best moments in my life. I enjoyed every moment of it, especially when our school was successfully held the first ever Saint John's Cup, which nowadays is well known as SYNC! SJCS has prepared myself to be a leader. At first, I was overwhelmed with the position itself, but with the encouragement and supports of the people around me, I developed the ability to take leadership in any way I could. During my time in the USA, I took up a handful of leadership positions:

Vice President of Collegiate Relations| Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity (Gamma Epsilon Chapter)

President | Indonesian Overseas Student Association (Stillwater, OK Chapter)                      

President | Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (Beta Alpha Alpha Chapter)  

President | Multicultural and International Students Association              

With these responsibilities, I had the chance to gain several opportunities, such as attending conferences in Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago as well as in New York City. The best part of it is that I can connect with different professionals in my field, which is a very good thing to have. Without the experiences at Saint John's Catholic School, I would not have the courage to think outside the box. Therefore, I appreciate all the people in Saint John's who have shown me the importance of taking the leadership role.


Every time I hear about Saint John’s Catholic School, the feeling that would flashed in my memory is happines. Yes, there are so many happy stories that I had during my schooling days in Saint John’s Catholic School; starting from having my first girl friend, cool teachers, and awesome friends.

Who I am now is mostly because of Saint John’s way of educating its students. The school gave me a chance to develop myself and my talents. I love communicating with others, and I was given the chance to become the host in particular events.

The embedded character education is still stick onto me, and helped me to become personally resilient when facing the obstacles in the bigger world of a university life, and even now when I am entering the world of a professional worker.

It is great to be a part of the Saint John’s Catholic School! I am wishing all the faculty members and the school to be more successful in the future!


When I first came to Saint John’s Catholic School I was a shy student without a good English conversation skill. I was not really confident to register myself in a school that use English as its medium language.Yet, I registered myself and found out a close relation between teachers and students. A smaller class – at that time 13 students, compared to 30 students in my previous school – made me easier to adapt and interact with others. Together with a better communicative relationship, I developed my own confidence. I was also able to develop my language skills, not only in English language but also in German language. I was even gained a scholarship to Germany from the Goethe Institut because of my good achievement in my German language.

Natasha Alexandra – FK Universitas Tarumanegara


One of my big decisions was to choose Saint John’s Catholic School and finished my secondary education there. It was one of the right choices that I made. First of all, my education in SJCS give me a better preparation for my university life in a foreign country; Singapore. The English speaking environment is not only worth to ease my study at the university, but also is a great advantage in communicating with others in this international environment.

The subjects given in English enabled me to have a better foundation in gaining a better understanding of my chosen subject now. For example, the English syllabus for the Accounting lesson helped me to gain a better score than other Indonesian students who took the Managerial Accounting subject.

(Anita Angela, graduated in 2012, Singapore Instute of Management)


Finishing my study in Saint John’s Catholic High School (SJCS) BSD gave me a complete package. I got not only knowledge, friends and organizational experiences, but also a family. SJCS made me want to come back…I would always love to visit the buildings, the people… it would never bored me.   

(Bhagya Rexy Renaldo, alumni 2012, Universitas Gajah Mada)


1st Batch JHS and 4th Batch SHS Saint John’s School

What did I get in Saint John’s? A lot! One paragraph is not enough to tell everything. I learned that intelligence is not the most important thing, but the mentality and attitude are. You won’t succeed no matter how smart you are without mentality and attitude. And in Saint John’s School, I developed a lot in my mentality and attitude aspects. I learned how to deal with different kind of people, I developed my adaptability skill which makes me easy to adapt here in the Netherlands, I learned how to face problems with a calmer mind, how to be a critical thinker, and a lot more.

Saint John’s, in my time, did not pressure students too much. Teachers did not give too much assignments and the exams were not very difficult. That is good because exams are not the one which determine how smart a student is. And about the pressure, in my opinion, if a school gives too much pressures to students it would not be good for their mentality in the long run…and they tend to be easily stressed.

There are still a lot more to say, but I think this is getting too long. Yet, my main point is that I will never regret my decision to enter the Saint John’s Catholic School as it is, for me, one of the best schools. Thanks Saint John’s!


Frankly speaking, I owe Saint John’s Catholic School a lot. It was in that school that I gained a lot of precious experiences. Not only in the academic knowledge and skills, but also in developing my skills in socializing, team working, leadership, discipline, and confidence. I did not really realize that when I was a student there, but as I went into the university I could reap the harvest the benefit of being able to combine the soft skills and the hard skills equally. It is worth used not only during my study, but also in the practice in the real world.

I was lucky to be in the first batch of the Saint John’s Catholic School as I could see how incredible the progress of Saint John’s development. Entering Saint John’s was the right decision for my personal development!

Paulus David Pribadi – First batch SJCS
Smart Class- Business Management
International program Binus
Public Relation Coordinator of Catholic Students Family


I have learnt a lot of things in Saint John’s Catholic School. Saint John’s Catholic School is probably one of those schools where students and teachers are like friends to to each other.

I will never forget the chance that I got from Ms. Lanny to join the News Casting Competition in the University of Indonesia. Some teachers helped me in preparing myself, and I was grateful for winning the first prize. After that competition I realized that my dream is to become a news anchor. I have found my passion. Afterwards, I took part in some other news casting competitions.

I am thankful to Saint John’s Catholic School for helping me to develop myself since the very beginning to reach for my bright future.


Proud to be Saint Johners

Saint John’s Catholic School (SJCS) is a school that promotes excellence hard skills and soft skill development for both the students and the teachers/staffs. This is reflected through the various achievements which were inscribed by the students in both academic and non-academic achievements.

Since it started in 2006, SJCS has spawned so many alumni who are not only excel in the intellectual field, but also rich in the appreciation of the values ​​of life. All of that of course is reflected in the motto of the Saint John's Catholic School itself; Scientia, Virtus, et Vita.

I am personally proud and happy to be a part of the early history of Saint John's Catholic School. SJCS also provide the opportunity for its alumni to keep developing this alma mater. I thank SJCS which provides an opportunity for me as an alumnus to hold a Leadership Training for the Student Council on a regular yearly basis (now in its third year period).

Wherever we are, my dear alumni friends, remember that who we are now, or will be, cannot be separated from the role of our alma mater Saint John's Catholic School. Put out into the deep water, but remember, we are still the family of Saint John's Catholic School.
Thank you Saint John's Catholic School, I'm proud to be a Saint Johners.

Andhika Alexander Repi, S.Psi, CBA (St. John’s First Avenger, 2006)

Consultant and Trainer of Organizational and Clinical Psychology.

Twitter: @kandyshare

Facebook: Andhika Alexander Repi


When I first came to Saint John’s Catholic School as a Junior High student in 2006, I felt a bit uncomfortable, as I stepped into a new environment alone. No friends from my Elementary school, went to this school. I was afraid that I would have no friends at all. Fortunately, all my classmates and seniors were very kind and friendly. Then, I was able to settle and mingled with them easily.

The school gave me one of my best moments, especially in my senior high school’s time. We were able to build a family-like relationship. I thank SJCS for trusting me to represent the school in some competitions. One of my unforgettable experience was the English First Spelling Bee Competition. I joined the competition in 2008 which made me gained the medal and trophy.

Having the chance to study German language for six years was also a great opportunity. The IGCSE and TOEFL tests that I passed under the tutorial of Mr. Julius Martinez were also the enriching and valuable assets for my education. I am thankful to all the teachers and friends who made my days so special, especially for the alumni of batch 2012 for their everlasting friendship. Hopefully, SJCS will have more and more notable alumni in the future.

Kevin Chang – batch 2012 – National Chi Nan University – Taiwan.