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Primary Extra-curricular

Primary Extra-curricular

Extracurricular is mostly a weekly activity, with some additional activities when needed. Each student has to choose one extracurricular to attend. For some others, they need to be chosen by the teacher or the trainer. There are also some students who are elected by their fellow students to be their representatives in the Student Council.



Sports activities are not only provided to achieve healthy students, but also to develop their discipline and teamwork.

Varsity team is a team compiled of chosen students, who are not only shining in their sports achievements, but also maintaining good grades in their classes.

  • Basketball
  • Futsal
  • Taekwondo
  • Wushu



Some students have the talent in dance or music. The extracurricular activities help them to polish their ability in a teamwork and to perform in public. 

  • Choir
  • Guitar Course
  • Ballet
  • Tari Bali
  • Modern Dance
  • Fun Dance
  • K – Pop Dance



Some students are really bright in their academic performance, and have the interest to develop more of their knowledge through the prepared Olympiad teams.

  • Fun Science Club



To develop the soft skill and the personal development of the students who are interested in arts, culture, and personal development, there are some supportive extracurricular activities.

  • Fantastic Art
  • Manga
  • Comic Rider
  • Clay Art
  • Little Tailor
  • Little Chef
  • Pramuka (GUDEP 02077)
  • Drama Club
  • Photography
  • Robotic
  • Library Club