Underneath his silence are ideas worth sharing. He is in fact a great communicator as he makes people ‘listen’ to his words that are highly cerebral. True to George Matthew’s yearbook description in 2015, his intelligence is undeniable but he remains unassuming and humble about what he is capable of nonetheless. So it might come as a surprise that he boldly accepted the challenge of taking his college degree in a foreign land. At the moment, George is enrolled at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, in the metropolitan area of Seattle, Washington, United States with Computer Science as his choice of academic degree, where he maintains a soaring Grade Point Average of 3.9 which is equivalent to the letter grade of ‘A.’ Quite impressive right?  During his summer break, he found time to visit his alma mater, and SCOPE  had the chance to have a small talk with him.

Q and A

Here’s a glimpse  of his interview.

1.  How did you apply for this college in Seattle?

I just tried online application.

2. How was your adjustment when you arrived there?

It wasn’t that hard because I met a lot of Indonesians there, and I rarely felt homesick because I’ve kept in touch with my family via Skype.

3. How do you find Americans?

They’re very nice, fun-loving people.

4.How is a usual college day in your school?

It depends on the schedule. There are busy and laid-back days.

5. What do you do when there are no classes? How do you spend your time?

I usually hang out with my friends or just stay in the dormitory.

6. Are there many Indonesians who study there? Have you got many friends?

Yes, about 200-300.  I have quite a lot of friends, mostly, Koreans and Vietnamese.

7. What do you do to maintain your GPA of 3.9?

Nothing really extraordinary. I just study hard and attend my classes.

8. If you have a message for your parents, what would it be?

I want to assure them that I will always try my best to do well.

9. Do you think it’s worth studying in the US?

Yes, because I think my English language skills have greatly improved and because of the exposure to a multicultural environment, I have become more open-minded and tolerant of people’s differences.

10. What can you tell students who are interested to study abroad?

Just do your best. For me college life is easier, so just be patient while you are still in high school. And when you are already in college, avoid taking summer classes. Choose to spend your free time with your family or friends.

George went back to Seattle last September 18 to continue his academic journey. His account speaks about determination and commitment – pursuing his dream wherever it may take him.

(Source: SCOPE – SJCS Meruya)