A girl with golden hair, singing to the entire universe about the emotion she feels inside of her heart. It is something that will change people, it is something that will make anyone lose their sanity, it is something only heart can feel, and it is something most people would call “love”. She feels the warmth of love as if she sees the light that brightens up the rest of her days. Proclaiming her love story to the world somehow makes her feel relieved.interlude 4

The object of affection is a young man who might not be everybody’s favorite type of person but manages to find the way to make the girl’s heart melt. With a lantern in his hand, he brings nothing but the light of love, the light of which the girl has been craving for since forever. With such gentle gesture, the girl comes near to the young man, taking the lantern. As if the girls’ golden hair has its spells, the hypnotized young man gives away the lantern—and his heart. For the first time in his entire miserable life, he falls for a girl.

That scene, taken from the movie “Tangled”, is one of the stage acts performed in the Students Recital of Saint John’s Catholic School, The Interlude 2016. The event that was held on December 6, 2016, turns out to be the day where the students of Junior High Department explore their musical talents in front of the public.

Making its comeback after a 2-year break, The Interlude 2016 can be seen as a stage of learning for the students. “The Interlude enables the students to show musical appreciation in a formal way. They are given a rare opportunity to participate. What’s good is that the opportunity is offered not only to professionals but also to early music-learners,” said Ms. Alvina Gunardi, the Principal of Saint John's Junior High School.

The students, added Ms. Alvina, might be coming from different musical backgrounds. Nonetheless, they don’t see this as a barrier. Instead, they are stepping up to the stage altogether and give nothing but their best. “The students can show self-actualization in front of the public, even though they come from different background and musicianship,” said Ms. Alvina.interlude 2web

The Interlude 2016 involves no less than 47 recitalists, most of them are coming from Grade 9 batch. The audience is served with piano, violin, guitar, and vocal performances from the students who are graduating this year. The recitalists, whose talents mostly had never been exposed before, are given the opportunity to express their musical talents.

“It is a great chance to be performing with all sorts of performers with a different background. It feels good just to be our inner musician for a while. The Interlude totally opens my eyes to become more confident. It also allows me to learn about how to control the nerve and tense before performing in front of the audience,” said a recitalist, Aurelia Pramesti Deviarini.

Devia feels grateful to be part of The Interlude. The event is a turning point in her life. “No matter what happens during the performance, everything is part of your practice for the future. I believe that the future holds something that is even more important than this recital. So, it really is a good chance to learn,” added her.

Not only the recitalists, the audience also feel the pleasure of attending The Interlude. “The Interlude is a great music event I have ever attended in Saint John’s School. What makes it so special is because it gives students a chance to perform and show their talents in music. I enjoy listening to the songs played by my friends. I feel like my friends are all great musicians and I'm looking forward to next year's Interlude,” said Maria Oktaviana, a ninth-grader. Viana even suggests that it will be better if The Interlude is held twice a year.

From Classical to EDM

The repertoires—musical pieces—in The Interlude 2016 vary from Classical to Electronic Dance Music (EDM), not to mention several Broadway numbers. Divided into two sessions, the recitalists perform 48 musical pieces written by Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Gounod, Yiruma, Jay Chou, Justin Bieber, Alan Walker, and The Chainsmokers.

Not only instrumentalists, singers also perform vocal pieces in The Interlude 2016. Mostly, the pieces are taken from famous Broadway musicals, such as “I See the Light” (Tangled), “On My Own” (Les Misérables), and “Some Things are Meant to Be” (Little Women). In addition, recitalists also perform songs with meaningful and heart-wrenching lyrics, such as “Many Gifts, One Spirit”, “Ave Maria”, and “Con Te Partiro”.interlude 1web

Offering different types of musical genres to be enjoyed, The Interlude 2016 is a metaphor of a dish served with various ingredients. The perfect recipe makes it possible for the audience to enjoy the diversity of music, coming from the recitalists. Though they are diverse, the recitalists have somehow gotten the musical chemistry to perform their bests in The Interlude.

One is Down, More to Go

Talking about the future, Ms. Alvina is expecting that the recital can become an annual Saint John’s School event. “By doing more mental preparation, I believe that the students would be better in next year’s Interlude. An idea to do a collaborative performance with other units can be considered. I am also hoping that we could combine plots and orchestral performance next year,” said Ms. Alvina.

From the point of view of a recitalist, Devia is hoping that students would show who they really are when performing in The Interlude. “For next year, I hope for more young talented musicians to perform more songs, collaborate with friends, create perfect harmony, and share it with others. I also expect the upcoming recitalists to be confident and enjoy being on stage. As time goes by, I believe that this will be a memorable event, not only for the recitalists but also for the audience,” said Devia.***(MAH)​

interlude 3 web

Written by Ms. Mauren Anindya, JHS Music Teacher.