On the 8th December 8, 2014, Saint John’s student council held a big event, a year end party. This year, the students wore formal clothes with a theme of “Alice in Wonderland”. All the Junior High School students were eager to see the Catwalk. The Catwalk was a costume competition, where all the participants should be dressed up in the costume of any characters from the story “Alice in Wonderland”. Every class had its representatives for the Catwalk and were hoping to win the competition.

Before starting the Catwalk, students were busy preparing a potluck party. It would be the ending of the year end party; eating together before entering Christmas holidays

The Catwalk took place in the 4th floor of Senior High School’s building. The assembly was led by Rista (Ristanea Jayany) and Yola (Kimberly Fayola). The event started with a prayer and an opening remarks from Ms.Alvina.

The class were represented by a boy and a girl. Each couple were called consecutively; 7 Joel, 7 Amos,  7 Ruth, 7 Esther, 7 Zefanya, 8 Samuel, 8 Ezekiel, 8 Daniel, 8 Malachi, 8 Jeremiah, 9 Hosea, 9 Habakkuk, 9 Isaiah, 9 Ezra, 9 Obadiah and 9 Joshua. Unfortunately the representatives from 9 Ezra did not show up.

Every couple presented different amazing costume ideas. They enhanced their presence all the way up to the stage, where they were interviewed by the members of the Student Council. All the audience cheered up encouraging the couple to give their best performances.

While waiting for the announcement of the best costume of the Catwalk, the audience were treated with the winning groups from the EnGleesh Project of the students from grade seven and eight. The project has a correlation with the TV show; “Glee”. Each group prepared a mashup with their own choreography. It was amazing performances!

Finally, the Student Council announced the winner of the Catwalk.  9 Joshua was chosen as the winner. Matthew as the representative came up to receive the prize. All the students from the class rejoiced for the achievement.

Before ending the event with the potluck lunch, the members of the Student Council shared their last words as they came to an end of their serving period. Students from grade 9 should end all their extra activities to be more focus on their National Examination.

It was a great Year End Party, and we are thankful for all the events during the year 2014 which was prepared by the Student Council.