Schüler Camp is an event which is held by Goethe Institut to unite PASCH schools in Indonesia. The Schüler Camp 2016 was my first time joining such a camp.  Under the theme 'This Is Us', the participants of the Schüler Camp 2016 gathered in Jogjakarta from November 7, 2016 to November 11, 2016.  There were 96 students from 15 PASCH-Schools, including ten students from Saint John's Catholic School BSD.

Saint John's students had a great time in the Camp.  It was an awesome chance to make acquaintances with new people from different backgrounds, learning new things, creating a ‘new family’, and many other interesting and inspiring activities.

We visited so many different places in Jogjakarta and did so many kinds of activities. We were asked by our mentors to create a short video to recapture everything we did from the first day up to the last. During the video editing we were gathered in a group of ten; each with different skills.  We stayed up all night doing our works, and we were also been able to interact with our friends in our group. We did a great team work! Moreover, we became best friends until now.

The camp is not only about studying German language, we were also learning more into our own history and culture, especially the history and culture in Jogjakarta. We had so much fun in Schüler Camp 2016. It would be a great fortune if I can join another Schüler Camp in the future. 

Written by Dominique Daniel (XI Christopher)