What if there is a fire at school? What should the students do? On the 9th June 2015 we were trained by the firefighters to know that the smoke from the fire is dangerous for us. We learned that we need to get out of the school building. But, do not be panic!

There was a simulation of a student being rescued from the building through the window. Then, they put him in the ambulance.

Afterward we went to the basketball field. There, we learned how to turn off the fire. Some friends were really brave. They tried to put off the fire.

We also learned that fire came out of electrical fire should be put off using fire extinguisher. Water will not help us to put off this kind of fire.

After the break time, we gathered in the back terrace. We watched Upin and Ipin. In the film, Upin and Ipin experienced fire at their school.

The firefighters continued with so many new information. We also learned that there are many colors of the fire.

It was really fun to have a new experience like that, but it was time to go home. We went back to the classroom and went home. I know now that we should be careful with fire!